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Apartments in Vodice


The very beginnings of the origin of the present - day Primo?ten reach far back in the years immediately after the conquest of Bosnia by Turks in 1463, but the settlements in the hinterland: Prhovo, ?iroke and Kru?evo have been known since earlier times. After the Turkish conquests in Bosnia, the inhabitants of the mentioned settlements fled in front of the frequent danger of raids and destruction to safe regions (havens), and during the last decades of the 15th or the beginning of the 16th century, they inhabited a small island, Gola Glava, near the coast (Caput Cista, from which the Italian name CAPOCESTO originates). Since 1564 the settlement has been known by the name Primo?ten.

At that time the settlement was protected by a defensive wall - bulwark, and the only communication with the mainland was across a drawbridge (the island was thus over bridged, and hence the name Pri-mo-?ten = Over bridged). At the beginning the economic life at this place was characterized by the raising of small cattle and the cultivation of land, which however was greatly aggravated by an unfavorable climate because of few rainy days during the year. Hence the name to this region was "Suha punta" = Dry Point. The end of the 19th and the beginning of the 20th century are typical for frequent migration of inhabitants, and the fifties of the 20th century are significant for the beginning of tourism.

In 1956 the first catering house - the restaurant "Kremik", with additional 20 beds for accommodation, was open. By 1983, when the port for the nautical tourism, "Marina Kremik", was built, the present day tourist attractivities at Primo?ten were complete (1700 beds in hotels, 3000 places in the auto-camp, 5000 beds in private villas, apartments and rooms). The buildings in the old part of Primo?ten are of the typical Dalmatian, Mediterranean construction - the houses predominantly built of stone with roofs of stone slabs and numerous narrow picturesque lanes, also paved by stones.


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